I was lonely. I wanted an alive wife with me in the Underworld. One day when I was walking the Overworld, sad as ever, I spotted a girl. I didn’t know then but this was Persephone. ¬†Persephone was the daughter of Zeus & Demeter. I wanted her to become the dreaded goddess of the Underworld. […]

I was walking down the streets in North Vilabin. In my head I was thinking ‘Those bullies were even more hostile than usual, I should probably get something to protect myself just in case.’ I went into the weapons shop, bought the cheapest, yet decent, weapon I could find. I decided to make my way […]

Task One: Copy one stanza and explain what it means in 5 sentences.

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I looked upon the rotting sea, And drew my eyes away; I looked upon the rotting deck, And there the dead men lay Question 1: Why did the poet repeat this phrase? I think the poet repeated the phrase to focus on his feelings as he looks at the sea the same way as his […]

I would keep it in 3rd person as dead people can’t write stories. ¬†But if I wrote it in first person I would have it in the perspective of the soldier because you could see if anyone else had tried to cross the river/lake. ‘First day on the job’, I think, ‘Why am I worrying?’ […]

I defined some of the unusual words in the text. Wist – past tense of wit Unslaked – To not desire Agape – wide open Gramercy – thanks Weal – well-being Keel – structure made out of steel or timber along the base of the ship to support it Betwixt – between Water–sprite – a […]

The book I am reading is Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done Who were the main characters? Did you like or dislike them? Why? The main characters are Timmy Failure & his polar bear pet and business partner Total. I like them both because Total is smarter than Timmy, even though he is a […]